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Home > Humor > Alternative Technique Descriptions
by J. Toman <Send E-mail to Author>

Alan Drysdale wrote:
Only a little more serious, the word according to Alan:

Ikkyo: arm bar with the elbow bent to a greater or lesser extent to protect uke's elbow, uke and nage facing more or less the same way at least part of the time.

Ikkyo: Grab their arm, affect their center.

Nikkyo: rotation of the two bones in the forearm, with the forearm more or less horizontal, typically using the wrist bent towards the underside of the wrist to produce the rotation, in the direction that makes the shoulder rotate forwards. Uke and nage may be facing the same way or (almost) each other. Sometimes called ikkyo when the arm is almost straight.

Nikkyo: Grab their arm differently, affect their center.

Sankyo: rotation of the two bones of the forearm, with the forearm more or less vertical, in the same direction. Hand typically flexed towards the back of the wrist.

Sankyo: Grab their arm differently, affect their center.

Yonkyo: holding uke's forearm like a sword and cutting down to make the shoulder meet the mat. (Includes driving the elbow forewards as necessary to reach that end point.) Use may be made of a pressure point on uke's forearm. Similar move holding the hand would be sankyo.

Yonkyo: Grab their arm differently, inflict pain, affect their center.

Gokyo: ikkyo with the hand on the wrist turned over to limit movement of a knife.

Gokyo: Grab their arm differently but a lot like Ikkyo, affect their center.

Rokkyo: A confection made with almond paste. If you eat too much it will affect your center.

Shihonage: technique where you grasp uke's forearm/wrist/hand like a bat, uke's palm up, turn your back to uke, and cut over your head (often turning 180 degrees), throwing uke to the floor or allowing a gentler descent to the mat.

Shihonage: Kotegaeshi on steroids.

Kotegaeshi: rotation of the two bones in the forearm like nikkyo, though in the opposite direction and generally leading to a throw. Like shihonage done facing uke and with a smaller circle.

Kotegaeshi: Sankyo on the wrong hand.

Iriminage: catch uke's head and throw him with it.

Iriminage: Don't grab their arm, affect their center.

Kaiten nage: make uke bend over at the waist and roll him away by pushing on his nearside arm which is locked out over his shoulder.

Kaitennage: Sankyo while rotating the z axis to the xy plane. Countergrab their arm, affect their center. Alternately known as "cheap date waza".

Tenchi nage: rock uke's balance to one side, then step across and behind and throw him the other way.

Tenchi nage: Iriminage on both sides at the same time.

Koshi nage: pick uke up on your hips and turn your hips so he falls off the other side.

Koshi nage: iriminage for those with ADS (Altitude Deficit Syndrome).

J. Toman
'I wonder if at this time you could ask Mr. Ueshiba to give us the the word or a demonstration of his action during the time so that we can get the sound of the word for aikido.'
Lee Green "Rendezvous with Adventure"



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