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Old 11-11-2002, 08:21 AM   #26
Location: Bangkok
Join Date: Oct 2001
Posts: 803
Re: Re: Re: Subway incident

Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
I don't know Edward there are some pretty big German Shepards out there that I wouldn't want to risk testing out your theory on.

Now if we're talking about your yappy Toy Poodle - fair game.

Peter (medium sized mongrol) R.
It seems to me that yappy toy poodles are much more prone to nervous fits and barking sessions than the proud and aloof german shepards. However, I wouldn't want to test my theorie on any kind of dogs either

Which leads me to another of my theories, never run away!
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Old 11-11-2002, 08:46 AM   #27
gasman's Avatar
Dojo: Sunyata
Location: Oslo
Join Date: Aug 2002
Posts: 114
Re: another two cents (partly OT)

Tom Engelen (TomE) wrote:
From your description, that must have been someone who's *really* into anarchist theory... I realize this is off-topic so I'll try to keep it short, but this is something I feel rather strongly about, because I still hear too much bullsh*t and too little serious information about it: anarchism is a social theory that can be traced back as far as the origins of Christianity and Taoism, not the combined scenarios of Mad Max I through IX - no matter how many ignorant little bastards abuse it as an excuse to just do whatever the hell they want without regard or respect for anyone else.
According to debating rules I think I am allowed an off topic reply to a post directly aimed at myself no need for a seperate debate on my account.

I re-read my post and have to apologise for using the word anarchist to describe this individual. Rather, a better word would be hooligan. You know, the type that hides behind misunderstood philosophies to travel Europe and instigate fistfights in demonstrations and protests. I am fully aware of anarchistic theories and this makes my fault graver. In fact, I am inclined towards anarchism myself as far as I subscribe to any political theory.

Again, I am deeply sorry for making this mistake.

If I could have edited the post I would, but there is a 15 minute time limit for post modifications.

(ps got some Ramones on my headphones now)

Last edited by gasman : 11-11-2002 at 08:50 AM.
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Old 11-11-2002, 08:57 AM   #28
TomE's Avatar
Location: Belgium (EU)
Join Date: Aug 2002
Posts: 35
Re: Re: another two cents (partly OT)

No problem - I wasn't so much directing this post at you personally as trying to clear up a possible (and unfortunately quite popular) misunderstanding - not in the least because I have a personal stake in it of course .

I hope it didn't come across too offensive, it wasn't meant as such - but as I said, this is something I've come to feel rather strongly about in the past years.



To do is to be. (Nietzsche) ... To be is to do. (Descartes) ... Do be do be do. (Sinatra).
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Old 11-11-2002, 11:00 AM   #29
Brian H
Dojo: Aikido of Northern Virginia
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 102
Kevin Leavitt wrote:
To the guy doing the bullying, Brian appeared to be a bigger bully. That is usually how it starts, most bullies are picked on or dominated by other bullies. (Alpha dog syndrome). So I would submit that Brian probably did nothing more than intervene in the current situation. This guy will continue to bully his child, although probably not in public as much knowing that their are people out there like Brian that are willing to stand up.

To modify behavior we need a long term approach. Unfortunately, for adults, it is very hard to intervene until someone is hurt or files charges etc.
There is a real "bully/counter-bully" element to police work. It is something a good policeman is aware of, takes into account and "uses the power for good."

What bothered me was not that he was going to beat everybody up when he got home. I am fairly certain that he is/was the type that spends his time looking for reasons to be cruel to people. I guess that given a situation lacking people, his furniture and any pets would suffer. The woman and the kid were in for a rough time no mater what I had done.

What did bother me was the sudden realization that, although I was an all powerful rookie cop, and could immediately cause a violent and abusive situation to end on the spot, I had no control over what happened after they left my view. It was a moment of personal awakening about my role in a bigger world.

I do not think that I/we can expect to drive out a persons inner demons by confronting them. But as Kevin points out, not tolerating abusive conduct will at least force it into the shadows, where, hopefully, it will not flourish.

It is not that I did right/wrong, it is just that by training, employment and inclination, I had to do something. I just hope (to this day) that they got out of that situation.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing
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