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Closed Thread
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Old 11-25-2007, 12:53 PM   #101
G DiPierro
Location: Ohio
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 365
Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

Amir Krause wrote: View Post
Thus, if you respect the giver, you should also respect the recipient. If you do not respect the giver, you can not learn from him, so go someplace else and leave him be (there is no point in trying to educate others who chose a different way to act based on your understandings).
I'm not interested in responding to your other points but in the dojos I have trained at rank is awarded by a big organization. Although the dojo-cho typically tests for kyu ranks, he does so (or is supposed to do so) according to the rules of the organization. Dan tests are done at seminars by a more senior teacher.

In any case, I don't buy the argument that you can't get something out of training with someone unless you have absolute respect for everything about that person. It's perfectly reasonable -- in fact, I would say it is and should be the norm -- to not like certain things about someone but still find it useful to train with that person. I think anyone who doesn't see things they don't like about where they are training probably is drinking a little too much kool-aid.

John Riggs wrote: View Post
Also to me knowing a set of techniques is knowing a set of techniques whether you practice them one at a time or practice all of them as you go. I'm not sure if anyone has ever studied it to see which approach gives the best quality-if that can be measured.
The point is that in koryu the structure of the art is the sequence in which the techniques are learned. The licensing system follows naturally from the sequence by formally acknowledging where a person is in the sequence. In aikido, all the techniques are learned in a haphazard fashion. Thus, there is no inherent structure to the art. The type of ranking system used in aikido are an attempt to impose some sort of structure where there is none. Since this structure is artificial, rather than a natural outgrowth of the pedagogy of the art, it often ends up being an arbitrary reflection of stylistic preferences and politics more so than anything that actually has to do with the art itself.
Old 11-25-2007, 09:46 PM   #102
Dojo: midwest aikido center
Location: chicago
Join Date: Mar 2004
Posts: 347
Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

Giancarlo DiPierro wrote: View Post
I practice and teach a koryu that consists of a small number of techniques done over and over again without variation..
what koryu do you teach? what are your credentials? did you test for them?
Old 11-26-2007, 01:23 AM   #103
Joseph Madden
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 160
Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

I have seen people fail tests (both kyu and dan) at the Yoshinkai dojo where I train. I just completed my nidan test on the weekend and won't know the results until Wednesday. I personally felt the test was fair in some spots, mediocre in others. Several senior students and assistant instructors felt it was fine. I think the significance to testing and/or rank at our dojo in particular has mostly to do with how far you wish to push yourself. In many cases, the test is merely a formality. My sensei knows how well I instruct other students. He knows how often I train. I work with students who should have tested to sandan or up long ago but just haven't had the time. There are some students who couldn't care less about testing or ranking. I tested because I felt it was time to test. I wanted to see if I could make it through the test and I did. To quote someone from the past.."Rank is in your head. I keep my certificates in the garage."
Old 11-26-2007, 11:05 AM   #104
Dojo: midwest aikido center
Location: chicago
Join Date: Mar 2004
Posts: 347
Re: significance to testing/belt rank?


that's a great point you bring up. in our dojo, also, the test doesn't just happen on that day. we're being watched everyday we practice on and off the mat by our instructors. they see the effort the student is putting in throughout the year...tso yes, to a point, the test itself becomes a little bit of a formality. although, just showing up for the test won't cut it either

Old 11-26-2007, 05:38 PM   #105
Aiki Teacher
Dojo: Aikido of Midland
Location: Midland , TX
Join Date: Feb 2001
Posts: 62
Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

Read Back in the thread, he only appears to have tested on the kyu level.

Last edited by Aiki Teacher : 11-26-2007 at 05:41 PM.
Old 11-26-2007, 06:12 PM   #106
Dojo: midwest aikido center
Location: chicago
Join Date: Mar 2004
Posts: 347
Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

Johnny Couch wrote: View Post
Read Back in the thread, he only appears to have tested on the kyu level.
yup. got that far, johnny, but that was in aikido. now he says he's teaching a koryu art somehow.
Old 11-26-2007, 07:30 PM   #107
Avery Jenkins
Avery Jenkins's Avatar
Dojo: Litchfield Hills Aikikai
Location: Litchfield, CT
Join Date: Nov 2001
Posts: 158
Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

Frankly, the G-man isn't qualified to teach someone how to tie their own shoes.

Avery Jenkins
Old 11-26-2007, 08:30 PM   #108
akiy's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2000
Posts: 6,016
Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

Once again, we're moving this thread into personal discussions.

I'm asking you all politely, folks -- please stop.

Edit: Actually, I'm tired of this all. Thread closed.

-- Jun

Last edited by akiy : 11-26-2007 at 08:39 PM.

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