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Old 06-25-2003, 11:13 AM   #26
Dojo: Jyushinkan - Logan, Utah
Location: Logan, Utah
Join Date: Jun 2003
Posts: 39
I've had some experiences using aikido without knowing it. Also, I try to use it everyday.

1. Playing soccer, I was chasing the ball with an opponent. He was bigger than me and managed to trip me up. Without realizing what I was doing I tucked into a roll and came up without missing a beat. What a great feeling.

2. This past christmas I was up snowmobiling in the mountains with my brother-in-law and sisters. I was on top of this little hill and thought I'd go and meet up with my family. As I started going down, it dropped out from under me. I had time to think 'I'm in freefall. Oh crap!' and then I hit the ground. My feet had been tucked up into the warmers, and I flipped over the front of the snowmobile. As I started into the fall, I followed my training instinctively and relaxed. Needless to say, I pulled all the muscles in my legs, but if I hadn't relaxed I could have broken my legs or even torn ligaments/muscles. When I landed it was flat on my back, but my arms came out to slap the snow and dissipate the energy. Although I hurt like hell for the next several weeks, I was proud of my aikido.

3. I use aikido in all my schoolwork. Using the mindset to deal with all my homework, projects, exams, etc. It's a timing and blending thing. Heh heh.

4. Whenever I open doors. Push doors I put my arm out, 'extend ki' (no Tyrannasaurus Rex!), and move from my center. Pull doors I hold on to the handle and do a little funikogi undo (sp?).

I came
I caused
I seized
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Old 06-25-2003, 12:37 PM   #27
Join Date: May 2003
Posts: 4
I did some rolls on the beach to entertain the 14 month old child of my friends while her parents played in the ocean.
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Old 06-25-2003, 01:50 PM   #28
Robyn Johnson
Robyn Johnson's Avatar
Location: The South, USA
Join Date: Aug 2001
Posts: 61

Jon Otto (Johira) wrote:
I did some rolls on the beach to entertain the 14 month old child of my friends while her parents played in the ocean.
Oh yeah! Recently I was babysitting a 2 year old who was feeling very shy around me...until I did a few forward and backward rolls on the living room floor for her. She was thrilled (jumping up and down, clapping her hands) and after that she felt totally comfortable with me and that made the evening much easier for the both of us.

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Old 06-26-2003, 01:23 AM   #29
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith's Avatar
Location: Yokosuka
Join Date: Mar 2003
Posts: 55
Damien Bohler (shadow) wrote:
oh and the greatest is the irimi feeling when walking through crowded areas. when walking with non-aikido friends i leave them a long way behind because of the hip turning and entering movements making walking through a crowd very easy.
I've only just started noticing that my body moves differently in crowds now than it did seven months ago (right before I started aikido). I can glide through crowds (and Japanese crowds at that!) with ease now.

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Old 06-26-2003, 01:27 AM   #30
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith's Avatar
Location: Yokosuka
Join Date: Mar 2003
Posts: 55
Our sensei (63 years old) was riding his scooter to practice last November when a van cut him off, hitting his scooter, stopping it dead and sending him hurtling through the air. One of the class nidan was waiting for sensei at the main gate (we train on a Navy base in Japan) and saw the accident - he said sensei simply tucked into mae ukemi, rolled up onto his feet and walked back to his scooter to make sure no-one had been hurt and see to his vehicle...

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