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Old 05-13-2005, 09:57 AM   #1
akiy's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2000
Posts: 5,999

Hi folks,

It's Friday the 13th today, which many people consider to be an "unlucky" day.

Do folks here have any stories of their being unlucky in their aikido training?

-- Jun

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Old 05-13-2005, 10:02 AM   #2
MikeE's Avatar
Dojo: Midwest Center For Movement & Aikido Bukou Dojos
Location: Hudson, WI
Join Date: Jul 2000
Posts: 407
Re: Unlucky

My daughter took my center this morning and has refused to give it back. She's 19 months.

Mike Ellefson
Midwest Center
For Movement &
Aikido Bukou
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Old 05-13-2005, 10:04 AM   #3
Ron Tisdale
Dojo: Doshinkan dojo in Roxborough, Pa
Location: Phila. Pa
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 4,614
Re: Unlucky

Dude, you are lost, there is no hope for you in the face of a daughter. She is the PRINCESS...

You are doomed....

Ron (but pleasantly so)

Ron Tisdale
"The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of his behind."
St. Bonaventure (ca. 1221-1274)
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Old 05-13-2005, 01:02 PM   #4
Location: Frederick, MD
Join Date: Sep 2000
Posts: 509
Re: Unlucky

No luck, no bad luck, except as general descriptions of success or failure. We make our own luck. Friday the 13th is just another day, we make of it what we will (and can) without any super- or un-natural interventions.

Emily and I took a day off today, drove down to Regensburg, had a good lunch, good coffes, good beer, got 'lucky' and saw a Pfingsten parade!


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Old 05-13-2005, 01:33 PM   #5
MikeLogan's Avatar
Location: Rochester, NY
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 281
Re: Unlucky

There was a study done on Luck, I don't have my trusty publication database subscription, and google is useless on the search terms used in so short a time frame, but the study went like this:

They interviewed self proclaimed lucky and unlucky individuals, the difference was that 'lucky' people were more apt to change up routine in their day to day activities. Say one day they take streets A, B, then C to point D, and the next day they take streets A, C, and E to point D. This enhances the odds that they experience something new, which is usually an enjoyable experience, and we feel lucky to have the occasional enjoyable experience.

The unluckys were more apt to leave routines unchanged, and not as likely to observe new, and therefore if only slightly, exciting and enjoyable experiences.

They did find, though, that luck can be trained, at least as far as this study was concerned, by having "unluckys" shake up their routines in at least some small way. The unlucky group actually reported an increased perception of good luck.

How 'bout that? I generally feel pretty lucky though, and random bad experiences are attributed to circumstances, not my own person, unless it was my fault, but still circumstance based. I'm blathering.

Happy Friday folks.

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Old 05-13-2005, 02:14 PM   #6
Dojo: Seattle Ki Society
Location: Seattle
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 522
Re: Unlucky

Don't know if I'd call it luck, but I have one teacher who is usually watching right when I do something particularly ungraceful, and another who is usually watching right when I do something correctly.

I did have a nasty attack of "aikido withdrawal" once when visiting a rather remote area that had only one dojo, open only one night a week, and then that single night was pre-empted by a road race. On the other hand, my luck at finding dojo in strange cities has generally been excellent.

Mary Kaye
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Old 05-13-2005, 02:52 PM   #7
Dojo: Finger Lakes Aikido
Location: Cortland, NY
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 980
Re: Unlucky

Jun Akiyama wrote:
Hi folks,

It's Friday the 13th today, which many people consider to be an "unlucky" day.

Do folks here have any stories of their being unlucky in their aikido training?

-- Jun
No bad luck today so far (knock on wood), but if you're talking in general ....

The dojo I'm in uses those rectangular mats that you lay out as man as you want to cover the floor. My first night back in Aikido training last march, at one point while I was schooching backwards, the the nail on my big toe got caught on the edge of one of the mats. It -- the toenail -- was ripped in half. It didn't tear any of the skin uder it, but the upper half of the nail came off.

A day or two later, I discovered a bit of flesh draping itself over the half that was left, so I had to deal with that. In so doing I discovered I have seven ingrown toenails. I've been dealing with that problem ever since.

I think those mats are evil, nail eating creatures. Because another of my nails got snagged a few months back, but with a lot less damage. During the same period, a visiting kid had one of his finger nails "caught" when he was doing forward ukemi.

Charlie Brown had the kite-eating tree; Aikido practitioners have the nail-eating mats.
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