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Ron Tisdale
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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Hi John,

Frankly, I think you are pretty on target. There are a lot of posts on the net about how bad a fighter the big guy is, how untrained, clumsy, etc. I don't buy it. The guy is certainly no pro, but you can see he has a LOT of experience as a bully. He reads the environment and his target well to ensure there is no real threat to himself. He is fairly relaxed and balanced throughout his attack. Even though he is throwing HUGE bombs, he only loses his balance (you can see him bobble a bit) a little. I think he is probably moving with stiff or locked knees a lot from what shows.

That said, this guy is a serious menace; his size alone dictates run away if possible. Wrist locks??? forget it. That's why I suggested hiji-shime/wakigatami. Go straight to the elbow after extending his balance. If it was just him, take it straight to the floor. But in the victim's situation that is not advisable. Even with hiji-shime, its an even bet the guy won't just shake someone my size off like an annoying toy poodle...or worse yet, literally throw you on your head with shear power.


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