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Re: Aikido attacks.

I appreciate good intention. However, assumptions not so.

If I ask for help with something I am sure there would be many only too pleased on this forum to oblige.

If I want to learn a different method or even explore one then I am sure the same applies.

If I need to do or learn or improve any aspect then it will be and always has been a matter of if and when. Not subject to anyone elses opinion unless I have expressed a desire to so do.

Results only tell me when need is applicable, they are my expert who I listen to.

My ability is not much I talk about, especially in life, as it is not my main purpose. My purpose is teaching thus I can say with total confidence that most of any grade of martial artist can learn something from me and go away happy, be they ten times better than me at some things or not.

I learn every day and when I get stuck I find the area, seek out someone in that area, and learn.

As far as weapons go then there are some I may not know much about and some I may, to what level is not a question I even give myself. I don't think that way. My level is where it is and if I find I need to improve it I do if possible.

Now, the sword. Once again I have never talked about my personal competency with one, never shown it, probably never will for as I said I do not train people to be swordsmen as a specific purpose.
If a trained swordsman came to me and said they have a particular aspect of they wanted to improve then I would say show me. I would 'play' the part of the opponent only to discover if I could see some way, some principle that would help them in their quest. I would not do anything else.

I reckon I have practiced with and witnessed one of the best swordsmen around. My opinion. So while you pick your jaw back up off of the floor it merely shows I have some idea of the ways and rituals of the sword by virtue of witness first hand if not by levels of skill.

Once again this person is not some world famous name and doesn't want to be either, never did.

Skills of the sword in action, a real Katana not a bokken, up close and personal. So no need to tell me about 'taking apart in two seconds' or any such statements.

Skills in action. versus who knows, for at the times I witnessed they were different visitors from who knows where that he had agreed to show something.

Other skills in action personally witnessed regarding such sword work you probably wouldn't believe for they were hard enough to believe by the few of us there.

Personal choices. We each choose our way. How much getting out there is getting out there? Been through a cycle of that until I came to a realization there and thus chose that was enough for now, time to focus on my way.

Stepping up to a plate and challenges? Been through a cycle of that too and it took me to all manner of places and situations for real which at the time I considered 'budo' Once again, achieved my goal at the time and brought me to my next realization and thus choice.

Thus I have now my own step up to the plate for anyone and have had it for the last ten years. If you want to learn the spiritual side, the compassionate side, the underlying principles, then step up to the plate with an empty cup. I teach one way, my way. How can a man teach anyone elses way?

In my way there is no superior, there is no belt that equals better than, their is no significance on labels. Their is only ability to help another and each other improve.

There are many ways of keeping in touch with other ways of Aikido other than those you prescribe.

I always bump into someone eventually from another style and thus find out first hand about them. No teacher couldn't I would say. I always perk up and listen to students who bump into similar and and the results of their encounters. I have people known from the past who drop by now and again and similar story. When I want to know then someone invariably turns up.

Only now do I come across an intriguing scene. The world of so called Aikido officialdom appearing to say 'if you communicate with us you must come and show' A new phenomenon. I have met many in life from such and they never said such. It wasn't in my plans. Always openly communicated to any Aikidoka in life and indeed any martial artist and we understood each others ways with no problem.
Always if that other wanted to learn something of mine I gladly showed and vice versa. If wanted. The days of proving long since passed and replaced by respect.

More intriguing for me my own refusal to do so but now I have found what that was all about so that part is solved. Choices my friend. Choices based on purpose, needs and wants.

Those who have a purpose, a need or want to 'get out more' and follow it will learn and find hopefully what they are looking for. Those who don't need to or want to and and are happy with their own purpose extant will likewise learn and find what they are looking for. So simple.

Those who insist on what others should do have a purpose which in my mind befits only control and domination and is misplaced in my opinion.

I'll finish off with an amusing saying I found on facebook but I will change some words for they were a bit rude. This saying fits my view on the matter.

A man has a certain 'appendage' that women don't have,
This apendage is like a religion;
It's something you shouldn't take out and wave around in public,
It's also something you definitely shouldn't shove in peoples faces.

Happy training to you.

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