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Re: Aikido attacks.

Thank you. I appreciate the effort, though nothing is stated about how your theories work.
Considering that everything you just outlined is pretty much a violation of competent swordwork done by those in Budo, it stands to reason that the hundred or so koryu people I know who read these pages would never consider anything you do to be related to an attack with a sword. That was why I stated that there really was no defense- as I couldn't see any attack. No one who has trained weapons will move that way as it is suicide on both sides of the equation. Period. No opinion asked or required.

As you yourself just stated there are other methods you are unfamiliar with. I suggest to you (for the third time) that you open yourself up to exploring them. Among those other methods you don't know...are ways to actually use a weapon.
You would do far better in your apparent interest in talking to us here, to consider that there are men here would literally take you apart in a few seconds with a bokken. This is the chief reason so many of us-who have faced some seriously competent weapons people- and also some of us who are those people, were offering you the advice that these are not attacks nor are they defenses we are familiar with in good Aikido or Budo in general.

Until you have tried these theories out on seriously competent people, you are only speculating and have no credible reason to state otherwise. Go right ahead if you want to, but you are going to continue to get these almost 100% negative responses.

If you want to just assert and speculate and throw it out there that it works in your dojo... fine. God Bless. But, as others are telling you, that model worked fine in closed dojos in the 70's. Today if you are not willing or will not allow testing from outside, you're pretty much going to be dismissed out of hand. It is obvious that you are interesting in talking to and connecting with a community so you are going to discover in the process the standards in a given community.

If you feel you have something to offer then the only way that is going to happen in 2012 is to open the doors and you should seriously consider that there are things you need to learn as well. This is good advice Graham, offered by people trying to help you. Mostly because you seem a friendly fellow and people are trying to help you grow. Find some recognized competent people in the community and go for it.


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