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Re: Did O-Sensei Misinterpret the Meaning of "Budo"?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
The name "aikido" might have been officially recognized in 1942, but that doesn't mean the art was founded then. Ueshiba adopting the name, yeah, okay. Founding his art? No, I think he started doing that a little before 1942.

...I thought that the ban on martial arts after WWII wasn't an overall ban at all, but just that they couldn't be taught in schools? I'm pretty sure the DNBK wasn't banned. And I doubt it's as simple as some martial arts were allowed to practice because they were "ways of peace and harmony".
Thank you Mark,
1st question, DNBK? Que? Onegasisumas.

Yes, I knew he did it B4 '42, that's why I put officially in "quotes". I thought Daitoryu & Shinkage-ryu WERE both sword-based arts? I thought a "Daito" was a samurai who carried two swords? Hmm...

Being banned from schools sounds more correct, now that I see it. I have someone I know who is very knowledgable on Budo history that can clear that up for me.

Thank you for your timely response. I wanted to get my story str8 4 my records.

Did Picasso misunderstand painting?
Uh, ....yes! Both eyes on the same side of the NOSE! Maybe Van Gogh would've been better ?

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