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Re: Whoa - wait a minute!

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The budo peace - sure, it had things like TSKSR's ideal of being so centered and powerful that the duel didn't start - but the larger purpose was that, thereby, society would not be disrupted.
Ueshiba's interpretation of budo was both orthodox (he,t oo, supported peace in the realm) and revolutionary (spiritual renaissance in the service of harmonizing the realms of heaven and earth.
Ellis Amdur
Ellis and Peter,

I recall reading, I think in Dynamic Aikido by Gozo Shioda, a comparison of the "philosophy of aikido" to the tenets expressed in the Seventeenth-Century text, The Life-Giving Sword.

Was that connection just something that Shioda (if I have the correct author identified) saw, or did O Sensei also refer to the life-giving sword?


-Drew Ames
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