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Re: Did O-Sensei Misinterpret the Meaning of "Budo"?

In that case, no Ueshiba did not misinterpret the meaning of "budo". The idea of budo being about love and peace goes back to the earliest schools of Japanese combat. The Japanese martial traditions that we have today were born in a period of prolonged warfare, and finding a way out of the cycle of violence was a major theme. Iizasa Choisai Ienao, founder of the oldest surviving kenjutsu school made the statement "The ways of war are the ways of peace" a primary mission statement of his ryu, as well as the idea of "defeating the opponent without drawing your sword."

The only real difference on this score between Ueshiba and most other martial traditions is that typically the "love and peace" was of a Buddhist variety, while for Ueshiba it was an Omoto-kyo variety.

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