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Re: Aikido vs....

There is nothing wrong with crosstraining! What gets me irritated is people who keep saying that aikido will be beaten by almost any other art or random brawler. Or that aikido is nothing but a small set of skills that are only effective when applied with force and in conjunction with other skills. Nobody has yet said that if O Sensei went up against ??? he would be beaten, or that the powers that be in the aikido world would be beaten by ???. If a person with six months experience can throw a grown man across the mat today, why can he not throw a grown man in a bar across the room with 5 years of throwing people across the room?

A large part of my frusturation probably comes from the fact that I am not being taught in a normal manner by the average person and I am definately not being taught aikido. I am being taught DR by a 5'6" 140 lbs bouncer/police officer who has worked in situations that required a no strike policy for the last 20 years and who hated being trained in the traditional way because it was no longer applicable.

Yep, Ueshiba was under Takeda for quite a while until he (U) became very caught up in the Omoto-Kyo.
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