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James Young
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Re: Article: Shoshin by Lynn Seiser

I really liked this article and I agree with it. I was amused by the point about people who go to seminars and insist on doing the techniques their way. It almost seems inevitable that I get a partner like this at least once at any seminar I go to and although I'll always try to keep a smile on my face it always annoys me inside. I always wonder about what motivates these people to pay good money to come to a seminar and receive training from the given instructor only to turn around and practice with their partner the technique their way, when they could easily stay at their home dojo to practice that way and save their money.

I've noticed there are two types or levels of these people. One type is where when they are the nage they will just do the technique their way. This isn't too bad because I can at least let them be and just go along for the ride and take the ukemi. The most annoying type to me is the one that not only does the technique their way but when it's my turn to try it and I decide to go slowly and may be trying to work through it so I can do it the way as taught they then try to teach you or insist to do it right you have to do it their way without any regard as to the way demonstrated by the instructor. Of course if I did it my way I could do it quickly and fluidly too, but to me that is never my goal at a seminar and those people never seem to get that.

Sorry to go off on that tangent, but I really do like and believe in the shoshin concept and I try to practice it. One of my personal maxims in doing this is while on the mat listen to advice from anyone while only giving it sparingly.
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