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Re: Interesting new dojo? (Shinkai-kan, Medford OR)

So I went and gave it a shot tonight. he and I were the only people there, and he kindly gave me an hour and a half. He started out explaining everything, every Japanese term, etc., but stopped over-explaining when he saw that I knew most of what he was saying and let me ask if I didn't.

I had a very simple class in Daito Ryu basics. From an aikido perspective, it was shomenuchi ikkyo, but the terminology was different. Some slight differences in details, and some huge differences in body movement concepts. He liked things much squarer than I am trained to do. He was also far more inclined to stop my movement if he didnt think it was just so than I am used to.

Bottom line, he could move me. And his pins hurt as much as aikido pins.And he didn't have a lot of handwaving bullshit, although he did talk a bit about "looking through the eyes of the heart" and some other woo sounding stuff. Thing is, the concept behind the odd imagery worked, at least on him.

Under the header of "It Had To Be Felt", I'd have to say that Richard Haight of the Shinkaikan dojo is a real deal.

Now, do I think that someone trying to teach a ryu-ha (or three) from a storefront a few doors down from the 24 hour grocery store in a fairly rough town is going to have an easy time of it? Nope, but I wish him great luck and excellent students.

I dont feel like I can effectively chase two rabbits right now, no time, no money, and I am quite committed to my home dojo. But I wish Haight Sensei good luck and good training.
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