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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

utilizing one's other weapons (e.g. knives) is not yet all it can be.
I always felt that the easiest response to a grab at my sidearm would be to draw my tactical folder and cut the aggressor's knuckles or forearm. Efficient, meets lethal force with less than lethal force, and has a high combat efficiency value. Would LE DT policy allow for that. I agree, most police love carrying the folders but have never really thought through policy and tactics.

As for gun retention, I think things are even worse. The stuff I've seen is too akin to sport ground-fighting techniques - which doesn't really work all that well when one is wearing a waist full of weapons.
Much has been said about how sport fighting ain't the street. Now we are learning that sport fighting definitely ain't the same as making an arrest under color of law and while toting a bag of intermediate weapons and communications equipment.

Personally, I'm working on developing some other ground-fighting options, options that are all geared toward getting back up and having full access to one's arsenal again.
That sounds smart. A tactical retreat from the grapple so that your real weapons, (1) authority that can bring extra officers and even a helicopter on the scene, (2) distance so that your sidearm can do the negotiating,
(3) your primary mission which is to command the overall incident until backup arrives.

That sounds like Aikido.

The efforts seem promising. I will try to post you two videos of this - try to film it this weekend and get up on the net as well, so you can see what I'm trying to talk about.
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