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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 21

Clark Bateman wrote: View Post
Is THIS all you could come up with in a month, Peter?
Yes. I am terrible sorry I could not write more.
Actually, Columns 20 and 21 were written together, but I split them because the combined version would have been far too long.
Clark Bateman wrote: View Post
Seriously, I am amazed at the work and research that went into this. You are the MAN. It'll take me a month to get my head around it, if at all...
PAG. But Clark, Column 22 is on its way and you'll need to have read the previous two, to understand the context.

Clark Bateman wrote: View Post
Thanks for sharing your thinking with us, Professor.
Not at all.

PS. I love smilies. I should use them more.


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