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Diana Frese
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Re: slow progress

Hi "Neodlucan" I just woke up but will do the best I can. Although you are anonymous, which is probably a good thing, because you can be more frank, I think the way you phrase things can be considered a good attitude in a way. You are expressing your hopes and needs, and on the other hand, the situation as you find it.

The others are right to say that you can learn and develop in your present situation, but the other others are also right. You might have a greater need right now to train with people more similar to your physical situation and your particular enthusiasm. I'm thinking back to my student Steve, whom I mentioned. I don't know where you live, but from what I heard, Rugby is pretty active, strenuous and involves a group of extremely fit individuals running around, piling on top of each other, in what many call "elegant violence". Steve was able to train with his peers in his own sport and then come to Aikido during the week, and he was fortunate to have Larry to train with part of each class and Larry was the assistant instructor at the time.

If the Aikido dojo you are presently attending is the best option for you (I'm not sure whether your reasons are distance or some other reason...) maybe you want to add another activity to your schedule even if it meant attending fewer Aikido classes. I'm just guessing by your age. For example my dad loved tennis up until the end of his life in his mid eighties -- he could always find people his same level and had a great time in friendly competition with them.

To be fair to those who suggested change dojos, maybe you do feel the way I just guessed, but maybe instead of changing dojos, you can add another activity to fulfill those needs of a more physical form of training than with your present training partners.

Or you could wait until the advanced people work out with you more, maybe after the next test. I wonder how the sensei will handle your request. I hope he or she understands you do seem to be sincere. You still might be given the advice to be patient and learn from that, though....

I think the question of attitude would be not recognizing the learning opportunities where you are presently training. But in asking your questions, you seem open minded. The ones who say change probably mean that it's not good to train in a situation where you are unhappy and feel you cannot learn, or get the physical training you feel you need.

English is my native language, but I find it hard to express myself clearly without rambling... sorry about that... but at least I tried.
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