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Aikibudo/Yoseikan Techniques

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Hmmm on why it gets a bad rep for being effective, i think its mostly down to the demonstrations and what those people who think it is ineffective, would define as a fighting martial art. Because Aikido isn't a fighting martial art, how you would instantly think of fighting. Its not as visually impressive as a cool Wing Chun video or Kung Fu, hands on wrestling. So to the average person making these commenrs i would guess mostly teens looking on you tube or seeing Aikido once, because the demonstrations have willing uke it doesnt seem that effective. Even wikipedia picked up on this critisism which i found interesting. This is why i think it gets the rep, an art designed to blend with an attacker and not even get to a one on one fighting stage to most people, isn't going to look impressive, its tho who appreciate the push pull going with the force/enegery who see its potential and understand.
Not true. The original Aikido (Aikibudo) was for combat and self defense. Aikido changed after the religious conversion of Ueshiba. The early students have preserved the original combat Aikido.
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