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Phil Van Treese
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Re: early kyu expectations

At 4th kyu, your ukemi should be almost perfect. How can you take a fall and land with "not so good" ukemi??? That's the best way to get hurt---broken arm, broken/cracked rib etc, etc. When you are a beginner, or even advanced aikidoka, your emphasis should be on proper ukemi. This "not so good ukemi" garbage will get you a medical bill you don't want to see.
Perform "roughly correct techniques"???? You should be doing all shown techniques correctly. The last thing you need is to develop bad habits and try to "correct" them later on. Sounds to me like you are being taught to "slide by" with minimum standards and performance. You need to separate yourself from that garbage. Learn everything like your life depended on it. My students don't get away with anything like that. Sub-performance will get someone chewed out in a heartbeat!!!!
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