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Re: Making sense of aikido lineage/associations

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
So if I understand you correctly, Tamura Sensei is connected to Hombu and can give ranks virtually anywhere. However any ranks received by him in the organization here in Hungary are not recognized by Hombu? Peace dAlen

This is not necessarily the case. If Tamura Sensei is the grading Shihan for the group in Hungary for the Aikikai, he submits his testing results to the Aikikai Hombu dojo and the Hombu dojo creates the dan certificates. All Dan grades issued under the auspices of the Aikikai umbrella are created and issued by the Hombu dojo and they maintain records of the specific certificates issued. I believe, and Mr. Goldsbury can correct me if I'm wrong, that all the dan ranks issued by the Aikikai bear the seal and mark of the Doshu. Your organization may not have an independent affiliation with Hombu dojo but may well be considered part of Tamura Sensei's organization.
During the many years I spent in Korea, our organization (the KAF) was affiliated with Kobayashi Dojos in Japan. Kobayashi Yasuo Shihan has always supported the Aikikai Hombu and before the KAF received independent recognition from the Aikikai, we received Dan grade certificates issued by the Aikikai through Kobayashi Dojos. We were tested by Kobayashi Sensei or one of his Shihan in his organization, the results were posted to the Aikikai and they issued the certificates.
If you ever travel to Japan and the Aikikai Hombu dojo, bring a photo copy of the certificate and they will verify it as one of theirs. They keep some very meticulous records....
The Aikikai issued certificates are easy to recognize as they bear a distinctive water mark that is visable when you hold the certificate in front of a light source.
So, don't jump to any conclusions about the Hungarian teachers certificates or lineages just because their organization doesn't appear as independently affiliated with the Aikikai. They may well just be one layer underneath Tamura Sensei.
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