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Making sense of aikido lineage/associations

My club is a part of the Hungarian Aikido-Culture Association.
This is under N. Tamura Sensei 8th Dan.
I suppose our "technical leader" (suppose that is country leader?) is Varszegi Rudolf 5th Dan. (I have never seen or heard of him until now.)

As I believe I have mentioned elsewhere here, the regional leader is Imre Martin 4th Dan, followed by the sensei of our city, Tamas Toth 1st Dan. (Both of them are pretty impressive.)

Anyway, I suppose this post is to see how this association fits into the whole scheme of things in the Aikido world.

We have 6 kyus which follow quite a different testing system than what I see posted on the net.

Was curious if there are any 'relatives' out there, so to speak, that follow a similar testing path and perhaps are connected to Tamura Sensei?

I know there are Hungarians lurking on the boards that may be able to shed some light onto this.
{And again, Im curious of any other connections to this system throughout the aikdio you dont have to be from Hungary to respond.}



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