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Re: Taiha and Jo are very similar

I am not surprised at the similarities, there are alot of names for using a stick for martial arts but only a limited number of ways to use it.

Some names:

Africa: Dambe (Hausa) · Istunka (Somali) · Juego del Palo (Canarian) · Nguni (South Africa) · Nuba · Surma

Asia: Eskrima (Filipino) · (Bojutsu (Japanese, Okinawan) · Dambong-Veng (Cambodia) · Gun (Chinese) · Hanbojutsu (Japanese) · Jojutsu (Japanese) · Lathi khela (Bangladeshi) · Kalaripayat (Keralan) · Silambam (Tamil) · Tanjojutsu (Japanese)

Americas: Juego del Garrote (Venezuela) · Bajan (Barbados) · Calinda (Trinidad)

Europe: Bata (Irish) · Bāton (French) · La canne (French) · Jogo do Pau (Portuguese) · Quarterstaff (English) · Singlestick (British)

and so on.

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