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David Maidment
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Self-Taught Iaido

I've been thinking a lot recently about the positive effect other martial arts could have on the quality of my Aikido.

Karate stands out, for one; whenever I train with karateka, they never leave themselves open for jabs, etc., which is something which tends not to get as much focus as it really should in the Aikido we practice.

The art which has really been getting my interest, however, is Iaido. I know that of all the arts out there, it's got to be one of the main ones with which aikidoka cross-train. There are practical applications and it seems like the art of drawing and cutting can really help remind us where our Aikido comes from.

I've looked into learning Iaido properly, but travel and financial reasons make it rather difficult (not impossible, but it'd stretch me thin... later on I have every intention to join a dojo).

Naturally (and here you can mock me for going completely the wrong way about it), I've tried to learn what I can by myself. YouTube and the library were obviously my first port of call. The literature I've been skimming over is very insightful, but ultimately it's more difficult to actually learn anything from.

My question is: what resources would anyone recommend to assist in teaching myself the basics? Bearing in mind that I just want to learn what I can to help my Aikido until I'm a little better and maybe one day equipped with a car.

Also, any thoughts or stories on cross-training in these two arts would be wonderful to read
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