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Re: to ki or not to ki

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Early in my life I was an ice hockey goaltender. On rare occasions I would get into a flow state, where my body was very active but not over taxed, I was completely aware of my moving geometry relative to the net (goaltending is all about blocking angles), my perception defocused and tracking every player on the ice and the puck as well. I could sense the evolution and most likely directions of play and move accordingly; on those days little got by me. It was an extraordinary sensation and I sure as hell was extending ki.

I think I can define it, I'm not sure how well and how consistently I do it; life is a mountain.
I played full back in field hockey and often had games like this. Good awareness, good positioning, good timing, I was fast and cut out passes. I once did such a good job of keeping an international right winger out of the game that in the second half, he moved to the left wing. I moved to right back and continued the job.

The qualities you mention are all good for aikido, and there is a mind/normal body connection, but the ki and aiki I'm after as taught by DH, Bill Gleason and Howard Popkin I believe is something else.
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