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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Freeform Bokken Drills to Develop Aiki Flow

no, it is not new. But each generation puts their flare on it.
my readings came from Cheng Man Ching, William Chen, Hung I Shiang, Hsiu hong Shi, Robert Smith, Mantak Chia,Yang Jwing Ming, and Wai Fong Doo. Funny, Doo Wai used to call "the microcosmic orbit" the "microcosmetic orbit" but his stuff still worked.

I like my formula , The mind leads the body and chi follows. For me that translates Yi - li - chi. Another fellow a few posts ago wanted to used a different sequence, Yi - chi - li. I do not know how that would work unless he was chasing the chi hoping it would somehow make his body/strength move.

I also like your movement. I, too, am hard to throw if I choose not to get thrown and few strikes can set me up for a throw. In fact, few strikes hurt me. I think relaxation with good posture and remaining single weighted makes that work more than searching for some Tibetan construct. I like using terms from physics. So did William Chen.
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