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Re: How truly refreshing - Tohei K. on conflict resolution

You are the one saying we need heroes to tell us what to do. To me, Ellis doesn't tell us stories about Terry Dobson to teach us about what a proper aikidoka should behave, but on the contrary to provoke thought and discussion and to burst a few bubbles of delusion.

The myth of the permanently serene sage, dealing the proper word or the proper ikkyo at the right time, always in the spirit of love, is a frightening caricature.

I don't believe in heroes, and I dont think our conscience can necessarily feel safe because "one has resolved a conflict along the lines of aikido philosophy". This philosophy is not prescriptive beyond a few basic recommendations. Past that, aikido only gives us an opportunity to see the world and ourselves with a bit more honesty, and hopefully influence our behaviour in a more mature and thus efficient way. It implies facing ugly sides of us, some of them would love to remain hidden behind a very tempting holier-than-thou attitude.

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