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wow... wow... gee.. wow..

Nice post lots of personal conversations... hehe

anyhow I treat women and men diffrent at diffrents times. 5-10 akidoka in teens class is a women great huh? my sensei he treats us all the same ( sex wise but if we have begginers they are treated like begginers they have to learn how to fall and stuff). I treat girls diff in diff situations like cheahs grab I grab for teh gi on a guy but a girl I go for the neck or upper part of gi ( to advoid some very privet places eheh) on a quy who is resisting ill sometimes wreastle ( only if I know that person and not oftin because it is compition) if a girl resist I will go in with the throw for two reasons 1. only the males like to wreasle it seemes in my dojo ( and yes I am a guy so..) 2. girls would give me more shame if they beat me and belieave me they could beat me anyday.

as far as injurys go I have been hurt too
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