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ca wrote:for gosh sake, make contact you guys. not because i'm doing this for self defense---never did, don't now, won't ever---but contact is important to technique. it's tough to do techniques when shomenuchi stops 2 feet above my head and i'd have to jump up to get uke's arm, or nearly chase uke across the mat to get his hand to touch my wrist for katate dori.
I don't think it's because you are a woman. I (6', 200 pounds and solid) constantly run into the problem of getting people to follow through on a strike. Even then I've got to get them to actually strike me and not the space to the right or left of me. My usual technique to correct this is to simply stand there. It gets obvious pretty quickly. Plus, I can look smug and really irritate someone when I want to--gives them extra incentive. People don't get that it isn't fake unless it's fake.

Also, sometimes this sort of training gets conditioned. I spent my first 2 years pulling punches and limiting myself. It wasn't until my current sensei pointed this out, at a seminar, in front of everyone, in his unique ascerbic style, that it hit home to me. Things have been a might different ever since.
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