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Re: Men Bruise Too.......

Cas Long wrote:

Where is it written that techniques have to be executed differently on women than on men?

Certainly, there are clear anatomical differences between the sexes, but I have never experienced any of these difficulties in my years of training either as a nage or as an uke, and above all, as a woman.

Please do not see us as inferior to male aikidoka........

Thank You...
I can agree with you - men bruise, too.
But women bruise more often than men
for example, on ikkyo almost all the female students have bruises after each practice of defences against shomen/yokomen uchi: many male students are just stopping the hands of their uke... But because the arms of a male student are generally more dense than of female students', many female students get bruised more often than male students, you know.

It's sad to see when a girl rubs his forearms saying "pplease, mmmake itt sofftterr"

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