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Re: Why do you perceive "internal" superior to athleticism?

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Thank you for this explanation. So, the getting under uke (using the jo/bokken example) you are connecting to uke and taking his tension (or taking his center) into you and channeling into into the lower crotch & inner thighs? The visual I get is a line that is coming directly through you and into the a tripod. Am I getting this visual correct? I'm asking this to get a visual and understanding in my head.
Yes, Mike Sigman has presented diagrams previously which show two people with their centers connected together as though they are a 4 legged horse. You are connecting their center/the power they are giving you "to your crotch" and loading/issuing power from there. It is almost like you are bypassing your own arms/shoulders.

Hopefully, I made it clear in my explanation that this is only one component of the entire picture. "Sinking the qi", reflecting your opponeent's power, and the rest of the stuff I previously listed is beyond what I want to lay out for now as I don't have the entire picture myself. I could probably recite the theory, but that doesn't mean I actually know how to do it.
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