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Re: Why do you perceive "internal" superior to athleticism?

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First off, this comes from me, not my teacher. Second, the group of internal martial artists that is not the Aikiweb IP IS or whatever group is MUCH larger than this small group of internal. Most IMA would say Dan, Ark, Mike who? Your group is not that large, although you're working it, I'll give you that.

I could probably find 50 people who think chickens can speak English. People from all over the world, different people who have never met. I could put them on a forum together and try to tell them that chickens can not in fact speak English. Those 50 people would act like I'm crazy, because they all believe it. Looking at this small group it would be easy for them to say, "Chris, everyone is telling you the same thing, why don't you listen, chickens can clearly speak English."
All you have done is once again discredit..well more accurately dismiss, personal testimony of dozens of experienced martial artists while offering not one rebuttal except yours.
You have hundreds of these observers of English speaking chickens telling you that what they felt and feel in IP/aiki is different from what they had done their whole lives. The way they are training to move their own body is NOT the same as what they had been doing their whole lives. Okay
Please explain why they all do not know what they are talking about
After you address that lets see you tackle Jon Haas's post
Please respond to Jon's example where his body was being conditioned in a different manner and his own people were having trouble throwing and locking him
He went back to athletics-what he had always done- and they could.
He went back to IP training and they had trouble throwing him and locking him again
Explain this to us.

Maybe he wasn't flexing and lifting properly or we wasn't strong enough?

Of the hundreds who are now training this way and all agree that it is "different" than athletics, what are we supposed to say? That none of us know what we are talking about,?
Is that your argument and talking points?
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