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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Friends, what about changing the title of this thread: Martial Arts versus Real Life Violence?
Aikido is so useless against a shoot Karate, Ninjitsu, or any other martial art. And in fact, Martial Arts are more useful Today for Self Improvement than for facing real life violence. The best way to handle physically a fight on the street is using advantage: he comes with a bottle and I pick up an iron pipe. He comes with a knife and I get a gun. He comes with a gun and I throw him a hand grenade... Like that.
Of course, after that you go to jail for a loooooong time! So, if Aikido teaches you NOT to fight, then it is more useful than if it teaches how to fight. NOBODY wins on a real fight.
Listen this story:
I know some guy who has been practicing for MANY years MANY martial arts and he is a LOT skilled!
He is Black Belt in several arts (Aikido included), he is instructor of LEO and a leader inside of Ninjitsu. Well he was going home and a thug threw a stone at his eye. From afar. End of the matter.
And if someone study HOW CRIMINALS really ATTACK he will notice that they donīt like to fight. Mostly fights are against assholes and big mouths, not against serial criminals or real terrorists or professional killers. They wonīt lose their time fighting! They will shoot you from far away or in other case they will try to cheat you, betray you, get you by surprise, and with advantage. If someone shoots a gunshot in your head from behind, rest well in Heaven. No martial art will save you on the street.
So for me, Martial Arts are not the medicine of street violence (though they have many virtues for every1 who practice them). Only awareness can save you and a lot of good criminal psychology. If things go physical, I would rely on weapons more than on H2H techniques.
This is street reality.
Aikido will have the same effectiveness than any other martial art FOR things that Martial Arts can handle on the street (a frontal fight). And usually the kind of persons who show off on the street are not well trained (I said usually, not always). What makes criminals so dangerous is the surprise, the selection of the scenario, the use of advantage, in a word: the tactics, more than a training in fighting. So Aikido will technically work WHEN it can work, I mean in a frontal fight.
But this is not the professional criminalīs modus operandi, so you better be aware, because this is the best way to avoid violence, preconflict stage.
By the way, with Ki Awase you can develop a good sixth sense, isnīt it? Aikido is good for awareness.
Ergo, good for the street.
Respectfully I salute you all and I apologize if I have offended someone
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