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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

I just remembered something about aikido in a real life situation that I did that I kinda didn't even think about.....

I was in Maputo Mozambique a few months ago. Great place, but still a little rough around the edges. The intel from the State Dept told us to never go out after dark, and avoid certain places, and always travel in pairs.

Anyway, after several days of being coop'd up in my hotel, I really wanted to get out and see a few things. So my boss and I went out on the town for a walk. It is hard to blend in there if you are a middle age white guy So, we were prime targets for a mugging.

Not being from that culture, it is hard to read why people are watching you. It may be simple curiosity or it may be they are sizing you up. Anyway....several times we were walking side by side and I'd come up on a "danger zone". I'd tell my boss to walk ahead with confidence I'd drop back to where if we were "cornered" it would be hard for them to control both of us. I'd cross the street and walk on the opposite of the road from my boss...and things like that.

My boss thought I was a little crazy at first, but several times I saw guys approaching us, then back off as if to say.."nah, it is not worth it!".

Couple of other buddies went out and were "softly rolled" for a few amercian bucks! They wrote it off as the price of doing business....My boss and I never had to pay out on dime for our walk!

So, ma'ai, timing, distancing...all that good stuff works! and never did have to deal with the "shoot" couldn't resist that one!
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