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Re: Poll: Is there a universally accepted definition of the term "aikido"?

Joep Schuurkes wrote:
Perhaps we need to differentiate between the martial and spiritual ideas of O-sensei. (Don't ask me how, this is tricky stuff.) The martial aiki seems to come with some modification from daito-ryu. The term 'aikido' was accepted in the early 1940s (correct me if I'm wrong). If O-sensei became more spiritual in his later years, perhaps it was then that he began to explore the spiritual side of the martial aiki and started talking about ai-ki-do.
This what I am thinking too. It seems to me that O-Sensei's early Aikido emphasis was on the developement of the physical aspects (body) and less on the spiritual and as he developed the physical aspects the spiritual aspects become more relevant to him.

Aikido is a parallel of his developement that he gave us in hopes we could acclompish the same developement he did in a shorter time.

Did the Aiki that O-Sensei learned from Takeda Sensei have any spiritual aspect? What was Takeds Sensei's religous or spiritual beliefs?

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