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Re: Am I turning to the dark side?

Dathan Camacho wrote: View Post

I disagree, unless I'm misunderstanding. I'm 6'3", I weigh 235 lbs, and I've only recently switched from power lifting to yoga and circuit training.

If I look for power first, I'll never find finesse, or Aikido!

Gellum Sensei, Mink Sensei will not be joining us on the trip, but I'll be tagging along with one or two of my sempai. If you make it, we'll see you there. Just look for the big clumsy hispanic guy with the big smile on his face!
Hi Dathan,

I guess, I wouldn't think about it as power. I'd think about it more like, gaining balance. Balance under all circumstances, no matter how hard the opponent bears down on you.

I'm not talking about balance by leaning one way or the other either. I'm talking about redirecting the forces (opponent's forces/force of gravity on your frame) inside your body, without much apparent outside movement.

That's (and I'm still very much working on the basics for this) my view of what the solo conditioning that Rob and Dan are talking about, is for. To build that balance, no matter what.

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