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Re: Who to call "Sensei"?

gosh I never really thought about this. When I am training I do not really talk much. Heck I don't think I really talk at all. So I have never had to address anyone. I sit and watch then I stand up bow to my partner and we get started. When I go to the bigger school I know I do not talk at all. I bow in with my partner and we start. I don't really ask questions because they generally notice I am screwing up and will correct me. Off the mat I stand within view and wait for my turn to talk. Generally they notice I am there and I talk with them. Heck for the longest time I called my uke by the wrong name when talking about him to somone else. HAHA. I have been at this seven months and I still call him the wrong name sometimes. I guess in smaller schools you do not use names as much.
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