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Re: Direction of Groundpath

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
No. Stresses, not forces. Moments before movement. Not forces. Stresses.
One last time, Erick. Here is what was said by David:
And I think that's something of what Mark was talking about because Dan works with the idea of complementary up-and-down spirals in both arms, both legs and the the body, where intent is not only going both in and out at the same time (infinitely) but is doing so in spirals.
There is nothing specified for what is being spiralled. You are assuming forces or stressors, but since nothing was specified I'm not going to make that assumption. If I had to guess, the answer is going to be "intent"... but I understand intent very well and that won't work. If someone had mentioned anything that agreed with your assumptions, I would be following that track, but you're applying stresses out of whole-cloth when nothing said confirms it.
Since they are both aspects of the same thing, I am glad we both appreciate such self-deprecating humor.
Sure and they're both aspects of super-string theory and quantum mechanics, too. And all of those things are so vague and all-encompassing that even if it were true it would tell us nothing.

I had someone tell me recently that internal strength is a by-product of bio-mechanical tensegrity. The problem is that so much of everything can be viewed as tensegrity structures (body fat cells, houses, airplanes, you name it) that applying the label of "tensegrity structure" is nothing more than cool-speak and tells us absolutely nothing. So insisting on applying the term "tensegrity" to everything is a distraction from progress, not a help.

The original question was directions of groundpath. Up, down, whatever. Regardless of what groundpath actually is, it is set up by mind intent affecting the alignment process in the body. A person can set up antagonistic directions, but I'm willing to bet that there are some real variations in how to do it. Maybe I can learn something, maybe not. But I asked the specifics.


Mike Sigman
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