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Re: Direction of Groundpath

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
If that's true, we should be able to discuss what it is that is spiralling. It can't be intent; that's pretty easy to establish. So what is it that is spiralling? Spiralling from where? All at the same time? Sounds like some sort of mixed up idea of directional-jin/kokyu, but somehow something else is being substituted for the intent-driven jin/kokyu. So what would that be? That would be my original question.... "how does it work?". I.e., WHAT is spiralling?

If it's a true perspective it can be explained physically.

... More things, Horatio. ... What it is, is spiralling in 90 deg. offset opposing spirals -- torsional shear stress, a potential which when released creates an unlevered action that the mind learns to lead and then to drive -- like surfing.


Old version of Yin-Yang symbol:

-- is just the plan (top-down) view of the spiral stress depicted this:

All shears cause rotation or rotational stress -- torsion. Shear stress in torsion in a cylinder (like the torso or limbs) is composed of a simultaneous compression spiral at right angles to a equal magnitude tension spiral -- and the stresses are maximal at the surface and diminishes to zero at the center -- which is what the old version of the diagram shows.


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