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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Randall Lim wrote: View Post
Did that senior English dan grade of Ki Aikido lure & lead Uke's attack before physical contact is made?? Or was Uke's attack static??

I believe luring & leading put effortless Aiki into the equation, while static attacks put merely Nage's Ki extension into the equation.

In my opinion, based in my understanding of Aiki & Ki extension, we need both for our Aikido to work.

Just my 2-cents worth..
We treat all our visitors with respect and understanding. As we did in the case of the visiting `Ki ` teacher, we worked with him until we were expected to fall down, we don't do ``ring a ring a roses `` in my dojo.
We were not trying to embarrass him in any way, he sucessfully achieved that all by himself..

The adjusting the weight of the body had me impressed, and puzzled when I first saw this many years ago.. Once you know what to do, it is so simple and not at all magical.

I find it strange how many aikidoka appear to believe that Ki is exclusive to Aikido, it is applicable to many sports and daily life.
There was the true story of the lady who lifted the back of a car off the ground to release her trapped child, desperation with the coordination of mind and body.

Henry Ellis
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