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Re: Who to call "Sensei"?

You know I think the word and this discussion on "sensei" is really informative.

A word given too much weight, a word that carries weight, a word that let's everyone know who is in charge, who to come to, who has the knowledge. So many variants of a word or a title.

In the white collar professional world you call those in management above you boss, and if you are a manager you call fewer people boss unless your at the top, everyone calls you boss.

In the world of education, only one persons per class is called teacher. And everyone else who is hired as a teacher.

In the culinary world, where you work in a kitchen everyone is called Chef. Yet, everyone in the kitchen knows whose boss.

Who do I call sensei, anyone one of shodan and above who is designated to teach the class. Or anyone you request that I do. As for Japanese who out rank me, by default until I am corrected.

If the word sensei goes to someone's head I can't stop that, I can't control that. If they become cavalier about it, it tells me allot about that person and maybe I shouldn't learn from that person, and I just concentrate on myself. I look for those who are genuine in their teaching, as I am genuine in my learning.

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