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raul rodrigo
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Re: The meaning of omote and ura

Rob Liberti wrote:
I like Amir's post because I do see the interpretation of "plain" as the "omote" in aikido - representing the surface level understanding where nage has to do a whole lot of moving around the uke to set up all of those needed angles, and twists, etc to get the right feeling of the technique. I see the "hidden" as the ura in aikido as the deeper level understanding where nage can set things up such that they pretty much get to stay in the center, and move the uke around them - maintaining the proper feeling with less and less effort. I think of "ura" as the highly refined product of the understanding you learned from the "omote" version.

I understand what you mean, Rob, but in many cases, for me, the ura version is the easier and more simple version of the technique. My ikkyo omote has undergone many revisions over the years as I try to absorb different styles and timings of doing this one technique. This year alone in my dojo we've done five or six different flavors taught by the various visiting shihan. The ikkyo ura version on the other hand is pretty much the same for us as it was three or four years ago. And when in doubt, eg, a very large partner, I tend to do ura more naturally. Ikkyo omote, it seems to me, is very deep, as variable as irimi nage.
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