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Re: Japanese language studies

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Dear all

It's wonderful to take part of all your ideas, suggestions, and advice. I am at the moment looking at several interesting possibilities - from 2-3 months annual stays with intensive language (and aikido) training to university in denmark to a combination of distance learning and Japan stays in collaboration with uk or us universities. Very exciting!

Thank you very very much so far

In the years since I tried learning Japanese (starting in 1973) I definitely have not learned sufficient Japanese to converse or to listen to a sensei without someone interpreting. I do understand enough to follow a lot of "demonstration" discussion, but beyond "put your foot here and move this way - no, that's dangerous" I'm lost. Should have taken the language course at University.

So I envy your opportunity. My understanding of "how to develop fluency" is that if you start as a young child, idiomatic use of a new language is almost automatic. Starting later, studying hard, it's a year or so to basic ease in conversation, 5 years dedicated study to near-fluency, and 10 years of near-immersion to full idiomatic fluency and literacy... But that needs "deliberate practice" - listening to the new language on the radio, in song, on TV/Movies, speaking the new language, reading and writing the new language, and having your conversations with "native speakers" who either won't or can't help you by speaking your normal language (because they want to help you learn the new language, or because they don't know your normal language, respectively).

Best wishes in your study.
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