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Damion Lost (Ghost Fox) wrote:
Like I said previously O-Sensei did have exposure to Buddhism when he was younger, but it was under the Shingon sect of Buddhism. Their practices are a lot more complex an esoteric than Zen Buddhism, including practices of Mantras (Kototama), Mudras (Kuji In) and Mandalas (??). So Buddhism did have an effect on O'Sensei it drove him to pursue more occult paths in his religious practices, namely Omoto Kyo.
Yes. It is a pity that very few of the writings of Onisaburo Deguchi have ever been translated into English (Carmen Blacker's "The Catalpa Bow" contains the only summary & extracts of "Reikai Monogatari" I know of in English). I think the jump from some of the practices of Shingon Buddhsim to those of Omoto-kyo is not very great.

One of my aikido teachers took up Zen because he could not understand the Founder's discourses (all Omoto-kyo), but needed a strong spiritual component to his training, just like the Founder did.

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