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Jeff Tibbetts
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Ghost, I know what you're saying, but you have to remember something about religion in Japan© There is little distinction between Zen something and Shinto something else© It's a fact that most Japanese, even non-religious Japanese, still take part in Shinto festivals, rituals and events every year© This includes Japanese priests of Christian and Buddhist persuasions© Most religious Japanese are more Syncretic than anything, and see no conflict between Buddhism and Shinto, because there is no conflict© There's no conflict with Christianity either, except that Christians see any other religion as a bad thing 9 times out of 10© So while Aikido may have roots deep in Shinto religion and beliefs, there is no conflict whatsoever with Zen, and in fact there are very many similar thoughts and concepts© There are a lot of other concepts in there, too, but Zen is an obvious candidate as it's considered a very Japanese thing© Many people have no idea what to make of Syncretism, as it seems like a lack of commitment or faith in one particular belief set, but in reality the spiritual context of all the world's religions are quite similar to one another© The denominations or Christianity are mostly contrived, for example, and break pretty far away from the true concepts in their bible© Same with the different schools of Buddhism and whatnot© Man has a tendency to overcomplicate everything, adding all sorts of artificiality onto things to suit their needs, whims, or whatever© The fact that O-Sensei grew up in Japan means that there were subtle but real influences of Buddhist thought and morality, wether he even wanted it or not© In a similar way, even non-christians in America pick up christian morals, myths and stories, and live in a society whose laws and structure are based on Western christian ideals© You can't escape that, so if an American made a Martial Art and started teaching it in Japan ¥yeah right©©© just play along¤ the Japanese would no doubt draw very many references to Christian thought, and they would be right in doing so wether the hypothetical American was even a practicing christian or not©

Sorry I got off on a hell of a rant, didn't mean to attack you in any way, just thought it needed to be pointed out©

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