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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Hi Mike
Yes I got that. It just isn't me. It would be the same as me discoving connection and aiki in the ICMA and what your reply would be to me.
Here's the connection to from Takeda to Shioda a bit more clearly
Takeda-Ueshiba-Shioda (when Ueshiba was teaching pure Daito ryu)
Takeda-Kodo-Shioda when Shioda went to Kodo to refine his aiki
It escaped no ones attention (in the Kodo-kia) when Shioda magically showed up doing Kodo kai moves in those demonstrations. All of those things he is famous for; the chest bounce, the rising aiki, the back bump, the finger thing, the toe thing, the knee swivel? them is a rote Kodokai thing that appeared in his repertoire after his study there. Although many of these things appear in the ICMA as well, he didn't go train -there- to get them.

So forgetting the video, the more important point remains to consider that there are ways to demonstrate the power- without all the cooperative Ukemi. Yes it will look different, but since it is viable in any format, from MMA to push hands (yes I know you know that as well-here I am talking past you to others) it can be universal. Make no mistake there are those in Daito ryu who know this full-well.
Mores the point is that it takes training in more open formats to have it be used better in open formats-it improves your understanding. You need to take the next step past the "one step" aiki waza into continual change in movement. For that reason that fellow, were he to walk into my dojo wouldn't be abe to do his shtick- as most everyone here would cancel him out by the way they both receive, change, generate power and carry their bodies. Continual change in movement makes you take the next step and be softer in your approach and maintain connection, at speed and at will.

Again talking past you- It's why I keep stating that internal power /aiki are two sides of a coin. Internal power is the vehicle that creates aiki. People can start getting aiki without good internal power and get stuck, here or there and learn in part, and stumble along getting some things and not others, and still other people are waiting for a connection that doesn't come or wondering why they can't get things to work on everyone. Many are still approaching aiki by doing things to others.
The more you work on the trained body-to get internal power-the more powerful your aiki becomes almost by default. train and learn aiki skills. Not the waza, but skill in using internal power in connection; what to do, and what not to do.

Anyway, It get difficult having the discussions stuck on Bagua, Taiji, Aikido, Daito ryu etc., with folks zeroed in making it fit their mold.

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