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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

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1) see that it works
2) therefore trust that it works; and
3) therefore be able to find the flow that makes it work.
Perfectly said...I will keep it short and sweet so no one here can pick on my grammar and tear strips off me but will say, my Sensei was Uchideshi of Tohei and I can feel hands on that "it" is definately alive "it" in our dojo is kind of unspoken but taught through physical application of the waza...and to be the largest strongest player in our dojo Sensei loves to demonstrate how "it" works on me, and "it" does work.We are not a Ki aikido club but Sensei was a Ki no kenkyukai instructor for many years before he broke away. To take seiza and have a 70 kg man push over a 90kg man with effortless motion (NOT WAZA) ...."it" is alive

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