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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Another interesting part is the translation of "non-resistance". Here, the translater translates it as "non-dissension". Hmm ...
The term "non-dissension" is used it Tohei's books in the 1960's as well. Will Reed's translation is nothing new. That's the meaning in english that Tohei Sensei wants.

to quote Tohei from his sayings that have been around for decades, one has been titled "The Principle of Non-Dissension" ...

The true way to success is exactly one and the same as the principle of non-dissension, and that is the way to peace.
Mind and body coordination gives us the ability to lead others.
The principle of non-dissension means that we understand and practice non-conflict. This does not mean passivity. Non-attachment is different than detachment. We see that through mind and body unification we have a choice to follow the path of peace.
This is quite different than any idea non-resistance. You may run into me like running into a wall or I may plough through you like you weren't even there. I will join with you and move through you and I won't conflict with you in doing it. I need to however understand how to be unified/aligned and relaxed to do so. That's the principle of non-dissension as it manifests itself in waza rather than philosophy.

This to me is not just attempting to interpret words in an interview but from training and having experienced it. Having been trained by some including Will Reed Sensei.


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