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Re: How do i know when i can feel KI?

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The infamous ueshiba the arch mage video:

Ushiro Kenji demonstrating kizeme, literally Offensive (or projected) ki

You have to listen hard to hear Cordelli's explanation in the second video, I can't find the english only version of this video, but he describes something wierd is just pushing him back and he can't react right. Also that he feels some sort of panic or fear.

It's also a relatively high level concept in kendo as well, you could say its posture, or some sort of visual cue, that causes one to react in such a way. If you want to call the posture or movement physical that's fine, but the result is something that causes a wierd reaction inside of yourself without any actual physical contact. Ushiro Kenji is also a nana-dan in iaido, and you have to be able to utilize this concept in iaido at higher levels.

Again, I only bring up Ushiro Kenji because of the seminar's he gave in the past for Aikidoka.

This is Systema. A Russian martial art with similar ideas in Aikido. Except they don't use the term 'ki.' It's simply breathing, relaxation and natural movement. Yet the effects are almost identical to kizeme.
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