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Re: Tadashi Abe and Kenji Tomiki and their criticism

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
What do you think would be a good approach?
They should contact Joinha.

Marc Abrams wrote:
My teacher, who was a direct student of O'Sensei talked about the "secret" study groups that people partook in then. That still happens today. The manner in which a Shihan might teach at the headquarters might be very, very different from how he teaches at his own dojo. The "establishment" might not overtly promote the "other stuff", but they certainly haven't squashed it either.
Marc, the "secret" study groups, the different teachings for "in house" students and the like is not working as a method to put back IP in Aikido. It only serves to make two kinds of aikido: one for the subjects/proletariat, lacking IP but good enough to keep things rolling, and other for the ruling class.

This "Aikido with IP only for the chosen ones" transmission model is cultish and is one of the things that, IMO, will cause the art extinction sooner than expected.

I remember Ledyard Sensei saying today's young people don't want to put the hard work. Goldsbury Sensei said something similar regarding Doshu concerns about the number of Aikido practitioneres decreasing in Japan. Today's people are putting the hard work in BJJ, MMA, Wrestling, Boxing and Kickboxing because, in these arts, what they offer matches with what you get if you put the work, the pain, the sweat and the hours.

Aikido is agonizing. The waza has become fake and empty, the spiritual principles have been substituted by new age zen lite for middle aged esalenish burgueoises.

This underground IP/Aiki movement is not going to change anything.

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