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Re: Tadashi Abe and Kenji Tomiki and their criticism

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
I think you'd do better to spend the time on kesagiri suburi practice. You'd learn more about moving from center, and moving the center, and moving, and proper hanmi, and extension, and ki extension, and keeping the shoulders loose, and not muscling the movement, and not allowing the movement to take you off center, and a bunch of other stuff...
As an aside, why would I want my spirit to "fit in" with the guy who's attacking me? My spirit is my own.

Gassho, all.
That's very interesting! I'm not saying my experience is the same, but this fits with my meager understanding of Aikido (I can't compare well with tandoku undo though). My experiences with kesa cutting practices have always felt very useful in the ways you described, and my understanding of the "harmony" in Aikido is that it's based on harmonizing with Nature/natural principles and leaving it somewhat up to the other guy to adjust, much of the adjustment being based on the inherent strength of tori's connection with "Heaven and Earth."
Thank you!
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